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The impact of plastics on the environment is becoming increasingly apparent. The plastic soup in oceans is growing and the number of animals dying each year due to this pollution is increasing rapidly. The percentage of microplastics in food seems unstoppable. Logically, the call for a ban on microplastics is growing stronger and stronger, and a sustainable alternative is becoming increasingly necessary. And let's face it, we have developed just that: HemCell. Both the production process and the granulate contribute to a better world. What are we waiting for?


HemCell Claims

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From palmleaf to soil improvement



Fallen palm leaves are collected rather than burned as waste. Less impact on the environment and extra income for the local population.


Palm leaves are dried and ground into powder. For this we use locally developed machines.


After shipping to NL, we produce 100% biobased HemCell granules in our plant. As of Q3 2023, this is a fully carbon-neutral production process.


Producers buy HemCell granules as raw material. The manufacturing process, using injection moulding machines/moulds, produces a multitude of products.


The biobased products are sold and used in various industries. As a replacement for single use products and as an alternative to plastic products.


End of life cycle? Collect and reuse products for production of HemCell granules. Or compost, without industrial processing, as high biomass compost.