Inspired people
on a mission

Creating a better world takes commitment from all of us. A world without microplastics starts with HemCell. Each day our people are committed to our mission Beat Microplastics. This includes the production and sale of the granulate and training about its special environmentally friendly properties. In addition, in India, we are continuously working to maximize the benefits for local people who collect and process fallen palm leaves.

Team HemCell

Founder, discoverer and entrepreneur Nico Osse has an enthusiastic team of committed Angel Investors who work daily to realize our mission.

Nico Osse
Fred van Alphen
Bart de Jonge
Jos van der Vlugt
Peter Zuidhoek

Committed advisors 

In addition to the Angel Investors who are working daily on our mission, there is also an enthusiastic team of committed first-time investors. In the background each of them makes a contribution from their own expertise.

Peter de Haas
John van Leeuwen
Marco Kempen
Hessel van der Kolk
Nick van Ommen
Bas Winnubst

The HemCell Group

The HemCell group consists of several components.

HemCell BV
Octrooi BV
Research & Development

Would like to collaborate with product developers on solutions towards making products more sustainable.

HemCell Resins BV
Producer of HemCell granules

Supplier of HemCell granules to processors (including injection molding, extrusion or 3D printing).



We supply granules to injection moulders that make HemCell products.
Together, through our years of expertise, we can determine which HemCell formulation best suits
the desired product qualities.
We can provide technical support in setting up the injection moulding machines for the
best result.



Product developers, companies and (governmental) bodies can have their own HemCell products developed.
In its development, we would like to participate and assist.