Make it with HemCell®

HemCell can be used as a raw material for the production of a variety of items. Producers and product developers from sectors and industries including agribusiness, events, supermarkets, packaging, wholesale and hospitality will have the solution to drastically reduce environmental impact. 100% biobased. 100% home compostable. 0% microplastics.

Our grain, your product

We don't sell products, we sell biobased granules. This granulate is formulated based on specific requirements and is available in a number of natural shades, based on biobased degradable dyes. Products that can be made with HemCell include:

Seed plugs
Coffee capsules
Food containers
Festival tokens
Beton plates
Clothes hangers
Loyalty cards
Plant label display stakes
Ink cartridges

Truly biobased. Contact us
Fully compostable.

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