HemCell and Beat Microplastics

There are regular publications on the development of HemCell and the global fight against microplastics. We share a selection of that news. 

27 May 2024
European funding for compostable coffee cups
1 March 2024
Alternative to environmentally unfriendly coffee cup
19 June 2023
Noordwijkers device solution to plastic on golf course
19 June 2023
A video on ‘borderless biobased education’..
5 June 2023
Microplastics found during the Ocean Race
17 May 2023
Campagne Beat the Microbead by Plastic Soup Foundation
11 May 2023
European Parliament votes against greenwashing
10 May 2023
Investors demand drastic reduction in plastic packaging
1 May 2023
More plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050