Unique green opportunities

The world has been literally and figuratively flooded with non- or partially degradable plastic for years now. This has very serious consequences for the environment, therefore also for people and animals.

The mission of HemCell® is to stop this harmful pollution, which includes, for example, “plastic soup”, litter and microplastics by using a new cold soil-compostable polymer with HemCell®.

HemCell® has the solution and can be used for many applications. HemCell® biopolymer is a fibre-rich raw material made from specially prepared agricultural palm leaf waste and therefore has no environmental impact. By mixing this organic raw material with existing (bio)plastics such as PLA, a completely new polymer matrix is created. HemCell® has a high degree of heat resistance with thermoplastic properties and is fully compostable in cold soil.

FD 26 January 2018: … “That’s why the chemical industry is hard at work looking for new plastics that have a plant-based origin, that are fully biodegradable, or that are fully reusable. And preferably all three at the same time.”

The applications are countless, think of, for example;

  • mugs

  • cutlery

  • golf tees

  • coffee capsules

  • scrub

  • seed plugs

  • festival tokens

  • buckets

  • crates

  • concrete slabs

  • lunch boxes

  • clothes hangers

  • SIM cards

  • plant sticks

  • ink cartridges

  • etc.

HemCell® highlights

  • Fully cold soil-compostable.
  • Leaves no microplastics behind in the environment.
  • Extracts 50% less raw materials from the food chain than PLA does, e.g. maize, sugar beet and grain.
  • Provides support to local farmers in India for collecting and processing the fallen palm leaves.
  • Less energy consumption due to lower temperature injection moulding.
  • SGS & TÜV food approved (OM3).
  • Biobased biodegradable colour applications.

All claims are based on scientific research involving SEM and FITR analyses that comply with the strictest (global) AS-5810 protocols.
Detailed reports are available.