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A green window of opportunities

HemCell®'s NEW innovation relates to a specific usage and selection of a worldwide available agricultural waste material and transforming it via a low cost & low tech process into a generic (home)biodegradable plastic that can be used by any injection molder or extruder on existing standard equipment and tools!

We transform a variety of bio-based plastics into a (home) compostable HemCell®+ plastic for biodegrading or even composted in biomass for biogas production. 

The window of opportunity is for all products that now have a return or waste collection process such as glass, crates or plastic materials. HemCell®'s new material eliminates the necessity and costs of having a waste return process in place.


Availability of resources

HemCell® Agricultural Waste : Worldwide available in large volumes that do not interfere whatsoever with allocated agricultural land required for human or animal food production. The collection of this bio-material will be a 'side-product & side income' for small farmers or cooperation’s in those regions around the globe.


PLA Virgin or waste, or other plastics virgin or waste:

HemCell® Agricultural Waste : Virgin or waste, PLA and other plastics are available in large volumes. Blending the HemCell® bio-mass that forms the basis of all HEMCELL®+ bio-plastics, strongly improves the material characteristics of these materials creating added value and extended application opportunities to current low value waste flows


PL(L)A or HemCell® ?

Contrary to common believe PLA is not “home-bio degradable”. It is “industrial bio-degradable via hydrolisis”. It is also very temperature sensitive due to the fact that the “Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)” is very close to its “Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT)” - 50-65 °C. It is therefore not suitable for (fi) cups used for hot liquids. HemCell® (in a 50% blend with PLA) increases the HDT to 90-95° Celsius. Blended with 50% recycled PP even to a strong 130 ° Celsius bringing it into the HDT range of engineering plastics.

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